Water Powered Dosing Pump 0,3%-2% Dilution

Water Powered Dosing Pump 0,3%-2% Dilution is a water driven injector that use water pressure as the power source. A proportional amount of additive is injected into the water line regardless of flow variation, creating a homogenized solution.

Dilution of additive from 0,3% to 2%.
Water flow rate from 20 l/h to 2.500 l/h.
Pressure from 0,2 bar to 8 bar.

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The Water Powered Dosing Pump 0,3%-2% Dilution don’t require any electricity power to operate. Water flow through the pump housing serves as tech power source to actuate an internal piston to draw in water soluble chemicals.


The pump is suitable for handling flow rates from 20 lt/h (0,09 gpm) to 2.500 lt/h (11 gpm).  Chemical dilution rates maybe easily changed in the field without the need for any tools from 0,3% to 2%. Induction rates remain constant without regard to fluctuations in flow and pressure.


Low maintenance pump is easy to install and service. Units are equipped with a valve to turn chemical draw on and off.


Every unit ship with a free lip seal kit and chemical piston seal.


Type of MixRite 571


Pump Type Application/Chemicals
MixRite 571.ST Model for Agriculture works and Animal medication and nutrients.
MixRite 571.CW Is the CarWash model & Emulsions. It has special internal components for carwash chemicals and oil emulsions.
MixRite 571.CL Model for chlorinated chemicals.
MixRite 577.ΙΝ This pump has internal bypass for very aggressive chemicals and acids.


Technical Data


Minimum Maximum
Water Flow Rate 20 l/h
(0,09 gpm)
2.500 l/h
(11 gpm)
Induction Rate 0,3% * 2% *
Additive Injection 330:1
3 ml/lt
(0,38 oz/gal)
20 ml/lt
(2,5 oz/gal)
Option Tip Kit 57-11-1 2000:1
0,5 ml/lt
(0,06 oz/gal)
1,5 ml/lt
(0,17 oz/gal)
Water Pressure 0,2 bar
(2,9 psi)
8 bar
(120 psi)
Pressure Loss 0,1 bar 1 bar
Temperature 4 οC
39 οF
50 οC
122 οF
Chemical Valve On/Off Yes
Connection In/Out 3/4″ BSPT male
Weight 1,25 kg

* Induction % and induction ratios are based on a water thin product viscosity of 1 Centipoise (1 cps).



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