Single Water Softener Flow Rate 1.500 lt/h

Softener single resin vessel Simplex/D with separate brine vessel. Inspite of its very small dimensions, the Nero boasts splendid working results:
-Nominal service flow rate of 1.500 l/h.
-Salt Consumption of 300 gr per regeneration.
-Water Consumption 18 liters per regeneration.

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The Nero® Simplex/D consists of two important components:


  • a resin vessel with a valve and
  • a separate reservoir for the production of the brine.


The working of this appliance is similar to the Nero® Simplex/C “Cabinet”, but it has a different outlook.


Main characteristic and different from the traditional softeners is that Nero® work entirely without electricity.

The brine vessel is available in three colours:


  • Standard Line (white),
  • Silver Line (anthracite grey) and
  • Blue Line (dark blue).


By using a separate salt reservoir, the resin vessel does not need to be installed at exactly the same place as the brine reservoir.

Inspite of its very small dimensions, the Nero® Simplex/C boasts splendid working results: a nominal service flow rate of 1.500 l/h, a salt consumption of 300 gr per regeneration and a water consumption of barely 18 liters in the course of the regeneration.

Technical characteristics



Resin volume 3,3 lt
Connections ½”, ¾” ή 1”
By Pass (¾”) option
Min. water pressure (dynamic) 1 bar
Max. water pressur 8 bar
Power Electricity




Service Data
Nominal flow rate (1 bar loss pressure) 1.500 lt/h
Max. flow rate < 2.500 lt/h
Exchange capacity 15 m³/°F




Regeneration Data
Salt consumption per regeneration 0.30 kg
Water consumption per regeneration 18 lt
Duration of the regeneration 12 minutes
Type of regeneration Volumetric
Direction regeneration Up flow




Filter Data
Filter at entrance 300 μm
Filter screens (2 pieces) 80 μm




The appliance can be provided with connections of  1/2”, 3/4” of 1” or a bypass (see options) of ?”.  Very interesting is, furthermore, that the Nero® Simplex/D adapts easily to the local installation demands. Whether the water alimentation comes from the left, the right or the back side, the Nero® Simplex/D can be oriented in all directions.

A very interesting option with the Nero® Simplex/D, is the especially designed bracket in stainless steel which is offered as an option and which allows the installer to put the resin vessel against the wall (see options)







Wall Bracket Bypass


Unique Βenefits

No electricity
Nero softeners work entirely without electricity, thanks to its full-automatic hydraulic functioning.
No programming
You just need to regulate the incoming hardness and the Nero softener is ready for use.
Very compact dimensions
Nero softeners have very compact dimensions, which allows to find the right spot for installation far more easily than with most traditional softeners: in (low) cellars, in the garage, but also under the sink, in the bathroom, and so on.
Restricted salt and water consumption
Nero softeners are friendlier for the environment and use significantly less salt and water in the course of the regeneration. Furthermore, the duration of the regeneration is very short.
Large exchange velocity and exchange capacity
In spite of their smaller dimensions, our softeners dispose of a very large exchange capacity and the best exchange velocity in the world of softeners: up to 400 bedvolumes per hour.
Very easy installation
All you have to do is connect the appliance hydraulically and regulate the incoming hardness manually with a hex key. The result is an installation time that is remarkably shorter than is the case with classic softeners, and also a lot easier.
Incorporated filter screens
At the entrance, there is a filter of 300 micron. Furthermore, each resin bottle is delivered with 2 incorporated 80 micron filter screens that are cleaned automatically during each regeneration.
Synthetic material of very high quality
Entirely composed of synthetic material of very high quality, so that all components are free of corrosion and the appliance has no effect whatsoever on the aggressivity and corrosivity of the water to be treated.

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