Scale Remover for Sand Filters

Acid powder to removes calcium carbonate deposits in sand filters. Contains special deactivators for maximum protection of metals and index activity. It is used also for Inox surfaces, heat exchangers, coffee makers, washing machines, cooling systems, pools etc. Recommended for all metals as well as a stainless steel, copper and copper alloys.

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  • Removes calcium carbonate deposits
  • Contains an indicator to indicate exhaustion and when cleaning is complete
  • May be used on stainless steel equipment



Description and Use


Safe Acid Powder is an acidic cleaner which is specifically designed to remove calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate or zinc phosphate deposits from metal surfaces. For aluminium surfaces use “Safe Scale Remover“.



Typical Applications

Safe Acid Powder is designed to remove calcium and zinc based deposits, particularly calcium carbonate scales, from plant equipment. The rate of removal of deposits is accelerated when the cleaning solution is heated and maintained at a temperature in the order of 60°C. Safe Acid Powder should not be used in equipment constructed in, or containing, galvanised steel or zinc.
After cleaning, equipment should be thoroughly rinsed with water and then rinsed with a neutralising solution such as sodium carbonate solution, and then thoroughly rinsed with water again.. Do not leave equipment wet or damp after cleaning as “after rusting” may occur.
Safe Acid Powder contains an indicator which shows when the cleaning solution is nearing exhaustion and needs replenishing. When freshly prepared the cleaning solution will have a reddish purple color. When about 80% exhausted, the colour will turn to orange and when completely exhausted the colour of the solution will be yellow. As the cleaning solution becomes progressively exhausted it should be replenished by adding more Safe Acid Powder. Cleaning is complete when the cleaning solution show no further colour change over a period of 30 minutes when used at 60°C, or 2 hours when used at ambient temperature.



Treatment and Feeding Requirements


Proper treatment levels of Safe Acid Powder depend on many factors, such as quantity, composition and nature of deposits and conditions particular to a given installation. Typically the product would be applied at a solution concentration of between 5% and 10% of Safe Acid Powder. The product should be used in accordance with control procedures that GE Water & Process Technologies establishes for a specific application.


Equipment recommendations are available upon request.



General Properties


Physical properties of Safe Acid Powder are shown on the Safety Data Sheet, a copy of which is available upon request.



Packaging Information

Safe Acid Powder is a solid, available in 25 kg bags.





Store Safe Acid Powder at moderate temperatures in a dry area and protect from moisture. Store away from alkaline chemicals.



Safety Precautions 


A Safety Data Sheet containing detailed information about this product is available upon request.


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