Salt in Tablets for Water Softeners

Salt tablets NaCl ideal for regeneration all types of softeners. High purity to increasing their performance and service life.

Package: Sack 25 kg.

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In the water treatment segment, salt is used for regeneration of the ion exchanger in water softening installations. The efficiency of water softening installations depends on the quality of the salt used.

Compacted salt has a better performance compared to regular salt in producing a brine solution that has the required properties to maximize the efficiency of the regeneration process.


The re-crystallized salt tablets are ideal for all types of softeners, increasing their performance and service life.


Why BROXETTEN® is your best choice


  • Refined to the highest purity levels of 99.7% Sodium Chloride NaCl
  • Compacted under extreme pressure for highest product density and best possible product performance
  • Fully resistant to caking
  • Tailor-made for every water-softening application, whether commercial or domestic
  • Increasing your softener performance and service life



Sack 25 kg




Τεχνικό Φυλλάδιο Broxetten®

Weight 25 kg

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