Redox ORP Electrode (Pt) for High Temperature & HF

Redox Platinum/Ref. Platinum/Reference (Pt) combination. Epoxy body (110×12 mm).
For High Temperature, liquids with HF acid, industrial instruments.

Temperature: -5/130 oC. Pressure: 10 bar. Cable: 9 mt.

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Redox ORP Electrode for High Temperature & HF. Platinum/Reference (Pt) combination. Epoxy body. Dual ceramic wick junction.


Suitable for industrial instruments like MV7635 or NX2000 PR.


  • Temperature: -5/130 °C
  • Pressure: 10 bar
  • Cable: 9 mt
  • Dimensions: 110×12 mm




  • High temperature
  • Liquid with HF contents
  • Industrial instruments.
  • In-line up to 10 Bar.


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