Pulse Flow Meter PFM.050F

Pulse Flow Meter, dry type, high accurancy.

Nominal flow rate 15,0 m3/h

max flow rate 30,0 m3/h

Connenctions flange 2″ or DN50.

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Pulse Flow Meter, wet type with value display for high accurancy measurement of water flow rates  and on time pulse generation.

High accurancy and sensitive Pulse Flow Meter covers a wild range of Industrial and Municipal aplplications, according to CEE standards.

Suitable for cold water up to 50 °C.


Technical Data
Size DN50
Nominal Flow Rate 15 m3/h
Max. Flow Rate* 30 m3/h
Min. Flow Rate 1,2 m3/h
Accurancy +5%
max Pressure 16 bar
Connections Flange
Pulses 25, 50, 100 liters/pulse

* Max. Flow Rate is recommended for a sort time*


Working perfect together with electromagnetic metering pumps ΑM series and MT series.


Lenght L Width D High H
200 mm 152 mm 200 mm


Flange holes
ø no D2
18 mm 4 125

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