Plastic Mechanical Disk Filter 1″1/2 BSP 130 micron


Plastic water filters with disks 130 micron suitable for sand, inorganic and organic particles.

  • Connection 1″1/2 BSP.
  • Flow Rates 20 m3/h (88 gpm).
  • Pressure max 8 bar.
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The Plastic Mechanical Disk Filter 1″1/2 is suitable for removal sand, inorganic and organic particles from water. Its a water filter which ensures easy installation and hadling, high solar radiation and chemical resistance and durability.

The filtering element 130 micron can be taken out for easy cleaning.

The installation is “In-Line” and can be used as main or secondary filter.

The Plastic Mechanical Disk Filter 1″1/2 equipped with two bases for monometers installation and a base in the low side for installation flusing valve for easy dirty remove.


  • Maximum quality and safety in filtration
  • Maximum filtering area
  • Lower maintenance
  • Threaded closure system for high and low pressure
  • Gasket placed in the lid avoiding its loss
  • Equipped with 2 manometric intakes in/out
  • Auxiliary connection for flushing valve allows to drain
  • Easy handling without tools
  • Easy installation
  • Resistance to solar radiation
  • Resistance to chemical products (fertilizers)
  • Durability

Technical Characteristics

 Operation Data
max Flow rate
20 m3/h
88 gpm
Connection In/out
1″1/2 BSP
max Pressure
8 bar
116 psi
max Temperature
50 °C
Filtering Element
Filtering Rating
130 micron
mechanical filter auto flusing

Flow Rate

Filtering Element

Filtration Rate
Connection In/out

Pressure max

Temperature max

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