Piston Metering Pump 284 l/h

Piston Metering Pump manually adjustable by control dial made by aluminium with oil bath.
flow rate 284 l/h.
max pressure 20 bar.



Piston Metering Pumps with constant flow rate. Analogue manually adjustable by control dial. Aluminium housing with oil bath.

Compatible with the most chemical liquids in industrial works.

On request can be equipped with an electric actuator which accepts a 4÷20 mA.


Technical Data


SS 316 kit PVC kit
Flow Rate 284 l/h
Piston Diameter 48 mm
Strokes 116
max Pressure 20 bar 10 bar
Pump Housing Αλουμίνιο Αλουμίνιο
Pump Head SS 316 PVC
Piston SS 316 Ceramic
Piston Seals FPM FPM
Valves SS 316 Ceramic
Valves Seats SS 316 PVC
max Temperature 90 οC 40 οC
Weight 18,4 kg 15,8 kg
Protection degree IP55
Conections 1/2″ g.f.
Power 380÷415 Vac (standard)
220÷240 Vac (on request)
Consumption 0,55 kW / 380 Vac
0,75 kW / 220 Vac

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