Water Quality Sensor MultiProbe ep/020.6

Water Quality Sensor MultiProbe ep/020.6 is a Multiparameter Probe for analysis of liquids and water. This model allows to measure pH, Conductivity, Redox, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Depth and Temperature.
Suitable for Depth max 20 m.
Without data logger.
External power supply with cable 12 Vdc.

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  • Up to 7 parameters
  • Max. depth 20 meters
  • Easy to replace sensors
  • Without data logger
  • External power supply
  • Managing software
  • Upon request custom models
The Water Quality Sensor MultiProbe ep/020.6 is a leading device for the continuous measurement, collection and storage 6 basic parameters of water quality. It is suitable for :


  • Lakes, dams, rivers
  • Sea monitoring
  • Undeground water
  • Boreholes and wells
  • Waste water treatments
  • Fish farming.

Technical Data



Software – Data storage


The new software release has been developed to work with Windows and Internet Explorer. When the Water Quality Sensor MultiProbe ep/020.6 is connected to a PC, user-friendly and intuitive software allows for calibration of all installed sensors, to download data and print graphs. Furthermore, the graphic interface has an Help Menu that links the user to specific chapter of Instruction Manual.


The system can be programmed to acquire data from each probe and to send them via FTP to various Acquisition and Monitoring Centers. It is also possible to send alarms or relay activations via SMS to a list of mobile phones.



ADTEC offers the possibility to have custom models with only certain parameters.
Please contact our Sales Department for details.

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