Home Water Filter 3 Stages with Faucet


Compact Home purification system 3 stages for clean drinking water with active carbon with faucet.
Compact open type for easy installation under sink.
Flow rate up to 100 gallons/h.

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The 3 stage Hydra Filtration system provide clean and healthy potable water. Removes 99% chlorine, bad taste and odor, organic chemicals from your water. Optional can be added at the last stage device with UV light to disinfect water. Compact construction for easy installation under your sink. Produces 24 hours every day up to 100 gallons per hour of clean, fresh and healthy water for drinking, cooking, washing fresh vegetables and fruits etc.


The Best choice for

  • Houses, offices, small cafe-bars
  • Tap water with high level of Hardness or Nitrates.
  • Well and ground water.
  • Well water in agricultures areas that might have contaminant with .
  • Tap water that might have over dose chlorination.


Filtration Stages


1st stage
5 micron Sediment Filter reduces Dirt, Sand and Rusts.


2nd Stage
5 micron Active Carbon Block Filter (CTO) reduces Chlorine, Tastes and Odor.


3rd Stage

1 micron final Sediment Filter reduces all suspended solids.


4th Stage
– Inline Post Carbon Filter enhance the water’s taste.
– UV UltraViolet unit for water disinfection (99.99% destruction of Bacteria and Viruses).


Technical Characteristics


Operation Data
Maximum Flow Rate 100 GPH
Connections 3/4″
Operation Temperature 2 – 38 °C
Dimensions (in cm HxWxD) 42x37x17


Replacement Filters

Cartridge longevity and performance depend on water usage and level of contamination. We recommend you :


  • Stage 1: Changed Every 6 months  5 Micron Sediment filter (FCS0021)
  • Stage 2: Changed Every 6 months  5 Micron Carbon Block filters (FCC0022)
  • Stage 3: Changed Every 6 months  1 Micron Sediment filter (FCS0023)


Changing the filters is as simple as: removing the filter housings by unscrewing the filter bowls, dropping in your new filters, and then screwing back on the filter housings.



Included in the box

  • Fully pre-assembled purification unit which includes 3 filters.
  • High quality and attractive design faucet.
  • Full fitting kit (tube, Drain Saddle Valve, Feed water connector).
  • Installation Instruction.




The system hides usually under your kitchen sink and produce 24 hours a day clear and healthy drinking water from a dedicated second faucet.





Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 45 × 40 × 20 cm

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