Economical Compact Chlorinator with Redox

Chlorinator depending on the measured Redox value for potable or not water 2 in 1 (instrument+pump). Complete system on panel with instrument/dosing pump, sensor, probe holder and flow sensor.

Flow rate up to 54 l/h.
Pressure max 20 bar.

Typical Installation


The Economical Compact Chlorinator with Redox is a system for measuring and adjusting the chlorine in private or public water units and water treatment systems. Pump and instrument together in one case (2 in 1). Ideal to treat water systems where the water quality is variable.


Pre-installed system on panel or cabinet ready to use. The unit include electromagnetic dosing pump, Rx electrode, probe holder and flow sensor for reliable and safe operation.


Set the value of Redox depending on the concentration of residual chlorine. The concentration of free chlorine in the tank being such as to provide a free chlorine in the water supply net at least 0,2 mg/l (ppm).


Key Point

For proper chlorination of water is importand a reliable measurement of the Redox value:


  • Good mixing of chlorine to water.
  • Proper contact time chlorine-water.
  • Correct point for water sampling.
  • Good maintenance of the electrode (clean).
  • Regular calibration of the electrode.



Technicals Data


PR serie HY.PR
Flow rates 0 ÷ 54 lt/h 0 ÷ 5 lt/h
Pressure  (max) 20 bar 8 bar
Manual flow rate requlation 0÷100% 0÷100%
Proportional by measured Redox Χ Χ
Proportional by measured free Cl2
LCD back-light display X X
Pump head PTFE PTFE
Diaphragm PVDF PVC
Ball valves ceramic ceramic
4÷20 mA output Χ
Remote controle On/Off Χ Χ
Alarm relay Χ
Flow sensor input Χ
Quick connection for level control probe Χ Χ
Operation status Power-ON (LED) Χ Χ
Level Alarm (LED) Χ Χ
Aytomatic calibration Χ Χ
User Password Χ Χ
Statistics Χ Χ
Integrated manual vent valve Χ Χ
Power 100÷240 Vac 100÷240 Vac
Power 24÷48 Vac/Vdc option
 Automatic suction Χ Χ
Protection ΙΡ65 ΙΡ65
Installation Kit (PVDF option) std PVC std PP
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Package Included


Standard PVC kit

  • Foot filter PVC.
  • Injection valve PVC.
  • 2 m PE delivery tube.
  • 2 m PVC suction tube.
  • Panel
  • Buffer solution 475 mV

Standard PP

  • Foot filter PP.
  • Injection valve PP.
  • 2 m PE delivery tube.
  • 2 m PVC suction tube.
  • Panel
  • Buffer solution 475 mV

PVDF kit (option)

  • Foot filter PVDF.
  • Injection valve PDF.
  • 2 m PE delivery tube.
  • 2 m PVC suction tube.
  • Panel
  • Buffer solution 475 mV