Double Chlorinator by Free Chlorine and Water Flow

Intelligent Double Chlorinator depending on the measured free chlorine Cl2 (with potentiostatic sensor) value and water flow rate for medium and large private or public drinking water systems.

Complete system on panel with pulse flow meter, instrument for measure free chlorine, two analogue dosing pump, potentiostatic sensor for chlorine, probe holder and flow sensor.

Typical Installation



Compact system for measuring and adjusting the chlorine in medium and large private or public drinking water systems. Analogue dosing pump for pre-chlorination with pulse flow meter and final chlorination with pump and instrument for measuring free chlorine value of the water. Ideal to treat water systems where the water quality is variable and demand very sensitive corrections.


Pre-installed system on 1 or 2 panel or cabinet ready to use. The unit include pulse flow meter, intelligent instrument for free chlorine, 2 analogue digital dosing pump, potenstiostatic electrode for the measure of free chlorine and probe holder with flow sensor for reliable and safe operation.


Set the value of Redox depending on the concentration of residual chlorine. The concentration of free chlorine in the tank being such as to provide a free chlorine in the water supply net at least 0,2 mg/l (ppm).


Key Point

For proper chlorination of water is important a reliable measurement of the Free Inorganic Chlorine value:


  • Good mixing of chlorine to water.
  • Proper contact time chlorine-water.
  • Correct point for water sampling.
  • Good maintenance of the electrode (clean).
  • Regular calibration of the electrode.




Technical Data


Pump with puls input ΑΜ or ΜΤ series
Pump with 0/4÷20mA input signal ΑΜ or ΜΤ series
Flow rates 0 ÷ 54 lt/h
Pressure  (max) 20 bar
Manual flow rate requlation 0÷100%
Proportional dosing by signals 0/4÷20mA Χ
Control Chlorination by measured Redox
Control Chlorination by measured free Cl2 Χ
Potenstiostatic Sensor for Chlorine
0÷10 ppm, pH 4÷8, 45°C, 1bar
Pump LCD back-light display X
Pump head PVDF
Diaphragm PTFE
Ball valves ceramic
Seats FPM or EPDM
 Over Feed Alarm (OFA) Χ
Remote controle On/Off Χ
Pump Alarm relay Χ
Instrument Alarm relay Χ
Quick connection for level control probe Χ
Operation status Power-ON (LED) Χ
Level Alarm (LED) Χ
Automatic calibration Χ
Security Password Χ
Statistics Χ
Internal Flash Memory (16.000 records) 4 MB
RS485 Serial  input Χ
USB to Download Χ
MODBUS RTU Communication Protocol Χ
Standard power supply 100÷240 Vac
Power supply 12 Vdc option
 Automatic suction Χ
Protection degree ΙΡ65



Package Includes


PVDF kit

  • 2 x Foot filter PVDF.
  • 2 x Injection valve PVDF.
  • 2 x 2 m PE delivery tube.
  • 2 x 2 m PVC suction tube.
  • 2 x Flow sensor for chlorine.
  • 1 or 2 Panel or cabinet.
  • Pulse flow meter up to DN 1000
  • Suction lance with foot filter and level probe (on request).


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