Double Cabinet Softener Flow Rate 2.500 lt/h

Water Softener double resin vessel in parallel Duplex/C “Cabinet”. Inspite of its very small dimensions, the Nero boasts splendid working results:

  • Nominal service flow rate of 2.500 l/h.
  • Salt Consumption of 2×300 gr per regeneration.
  • Water Consumption 2×20 liters per regeneration.
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In the Nero® Duplex/C, all parts are integrated in an attractive design-compact, which simultaneously serves as a salt reservoir.

Main characteristic and different from the traditional softeners is that Nero® work entirely without electricity.

Inspite of its very small dimensions, the Nero® Simplex/C boasts splendid working results: a nominal service flow rate of 2.500 l/h, a salt consumption of 300 gr per regeneration and a water consumption of barely 20 liters in the course of the regeneration.




The appliance can be provided with connections of  1/2”, 3/4” of 1” or a bypass (see options) of ?”. 

Very interesting is, furthermore, that the Nero® Simplex/C adapts easily to the local installation demands.


Technical characteristics



Resin volume 2×3,3 lt
Connections ½”, ¾” ή 1”
By Pass (¾”) option
Min. water pressure (dynamic) 1 bar
Max. water pressur 8 bar
Power Electricity



 Service Data
Nominal flow rate (1 bar loss pressure) 2.500 lt/h
Max. flow rate < 3.500 lt/h
Exchange capacity 2×15 m³/°F



 Regeneration Data per resin vessel
Salt consumption per regeneration 0.30 kg
Water consumption per regeneration 20 lt
Duration of the regeneration 15 minites
Type of regeneration Volumetric
Direction regeneration Up flow



 Filter Data per resin vessel
Filter at entrance 300 μm
Filter screens (2 pieces) 80 μm


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