Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer for Galvanic Probe

Controller to carry out the measurement of Dissolved Oxygen for Autoclean galvanic probe
Suitable for in sewage units, hydroponic systems, with continuous readings on digital indicatorsl.
2 min/max relays.
Range from 0.0 to 199.9% Air saturation.

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Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer for Galvanic Probe autoclean. The controller can be connected to a galvanic cell with 1mil/2 mil/5mil membranes.
It provides manual and automatic temperature compensation. The instruments provides also the temperature reading.


This Dissolved Oxygen analyzer for galvanic probe give both a valid, low cost measurement and requlation system for large or small industrial and ecological plants, sewage units, hydroponic systems and they can be used as 0/20mA (optional 4/20mA) visualized transmitter for field applications.


Connections are made by mean of two extractable terminal blocks on the rear side of the instrument, which allow easy cables connection and easy maintenance of the instrument.


The panel mounting instrument’s enclosure is designed according to the DIN 43700 standards and it consist of a plastic case with metallic front panel coated with polycarbonate membrane, to ensure the maximum anticorrosion characteristics.



Technical Data



Panel Instrument OD 7685 for Autoclean Galvanic Probe

Range Dissolve Oxygen

0/199.9% of Air Saturation

0/19.99 ppm – 0/19.99 mg/l Selectable

Resolution O.D

+/- 0.1





Temp. Compensation
Automatic or manual

Temperature Range

-5 to 52 C

max RM 95%


OD 8182 Galvanic Cell

with 1mil / 2mil / 5mil membranes

Temp Probe RTD Pt100

Set Point


               Relay Contacts

2 ON/OFF , Min/Max function

0 / 99.9 sec

SPDT 5A 220V resistive load



              Relay Contacts

Min/Max Adjustable

0 / 99.9 sec

SPDT 5A 220V resistive load

Analog Output

              Response time

              Galvanic Isolation


0/20mA or 4/20mA selectable

2.5 sec at 98%

250V AC

500 Ohm Max


LED , 7 segments and 4 digits

Power Supply

110/220V AC 50/60Hz

Terminal Blocks

3 Extractable

Mounting Panel 96Χ96Χ155mm DIN 43700

9/36V DC – 24V AC Power Supply

RS232 Isolated Output

Weight 500 g





The controller uses the OD 8182 Submersible autoclean dissolved oxygen galvanic probe.



Supplied complete with

  • 2 panel mounting clips.
  • Screwdriver
  • Instruction manual.


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