Conductivity Electrode for High Purity Water

In-line Conductivity Probe special for high purity water. Two electrodes 316SS, K=0.01, PVC body, cable 3 mt.

Applications: High putity water. In-line up to 50 °C and 3 Bar.

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Special Conductivity Electrode for high purity water.

Applications: high putity water. In-line up to 50 οC and 3 Bar.




  • Materials: PVC body, S.Steel 316 electrodes
  • Temperature sensor: RTD Pt100
  • Maximum working temperature: 50 °C
  • Maximum pressure: 3 bar at 25 °C
  • Cell constant: K = 0,01
  • Thread: 1″ BSP
  • Interconnecting cable: 3 meters



  • Special for demi water system
  • Drinking water
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical industry
  • RO Water treatment

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