Autoclean ORP Electrode Platinum/Reference (Pt)

Autoclean ORP Electrode Platinum/Reference (Pt). PVDF body.
Temperature: 0/100 oC. Pressure: 10 bar. DL connector, 3/4″ NPT thread.
For liquid containing Ammonia, Chlorine, Cyanide, Sulfide etc.

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Autoclean ORP Electrode Platinum/Reference (Pt). This is a new and more rugged flat electrodes generation for mesaure Redox. They may be used in immersion or in-line. The special flat-end shape gives an autoclean effect by the liquid flow.

The reference electrode is a double junction in order to ensure a long life even in liquid containing Ammonia, Chlorine, Cyanide, Sulfide and other contaminating ions.

The body is in PVDF, corrosion resistant and food compatible.

The special shape protects mechanically the sensing parts.

Suitable for pH controllers PH7635 and NX2000.


  • Temperatura: 0/100 °C
  • Pressure: 10 bar
  • Body: PVDF
  • Connector: DL
  • Thread: 3/4” NPT
  • Lenght: 140 mm (45 mm in immersion)
  • Cable 8 meters SZ 947 to be ordered separately




  • Clean and potable water,
  • Swimmung pools
  • Metal painting Industries
  • Industrial panel instruments
  • Waste water treatment
  • In-line up to 10 Bar.


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