Purification system 3 stages for clean water in aquarium with reverse osmosis technology RO. Compact open type for easy installation.

  • Capacity up to 50 GPD (190 l/day).
  • Operation pressure 2,8-6,0 bar.
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The AQUARIUM RO system provide clean and healthy water for aquarium with the safe method of Reverse Osmosis (RO). Compact construction for easy installation. Produces 24 hours every day up to 50 GPD (284 liters) of clean, fresh and healthy water for your fishes. Optional can be added at the last stage device with UV light to disinfect water.


Filtration Stages

1ο stage
Inline 2″ Sediment Filter 1 micron removes the particles.


2ο stage
Thin Film Composite RO Membrane (TFC) 50 GPD.


3ο stage
Inline 2″ Post Carbon Filter enhance the water’s quality.


4ο stage (option)
UV UltraViolet unit for water disinfection (99.99% destruction of Bacteria and Viruses).


In the box

  • Fully pre-assembled purification unit with RO membrane 50 GPD and 2 filters.
  • UV Water Steriliser unit (optional).
  • Installation Instruction.


Replacement Filters


Cartridge longevity and performance depend on water usage and level of contamination. We recommend you :


  • Stage 1: Changed Every 6 months Inline 1 Micron Sediment filter (FIS2023).
  • Stage 2: Changed Every 12 months 10” Inline Final Filter (FIC2025).
  • Stage 3: Changed Every 2-5 years 50 GPD Membrane (ROM0050).
  • Stage 4: Changed Every 12 months UV Lamp 6W (UVL0026).


Changing the filters is simple, ease and quick.

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