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    Whole House Water Softeners

    Water softeners friendlier for the environment and use economical with less salt and water All in One “Cabinet”

    Rina® cabinet softeners can be used for domestic and commercial softening. Thanks to their very small dimensions, they can easily be installed in any place, small areas, in the garage, cellar or even under the sink or in the bathroom.

    Even if the living area is rather compact, e.g. in apartments, it will still be possible to find just the right space for a Rina®cabinet water softener

    The Rina® water softeners are the ideal application for home, hotels, restaurants, bars, car wash, who wish to protect their expensive appliances (steamers, coffee machines, dishwashers,…) against incrustation.

    Also for the protection of other appliances, such as coffee machines, dishwashers, laundry machines, steamers, reverse osmosis-appliances, the Rina® offers the perfect solution.

    Choose one of our softener model and give the best economical and simple solution to your water hardness problem.


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