Water Powered Chemical Dosing Pump



    Water Powered Chemical Dosing Pump without Εlectricity


    No electricity required. Water flow through the pump housing serves as tech power source to actuate an internal piston to draw in water soluble chemical to achieve dilution rates up to 10%.

    Respective models are suitable for handling flow rates from .09 to 11 gpm. Chemical dilution rates maybe easily changed in the field without the need for any tools. Induction rates remain constant without regard to fluctuations in flow and pressure.

    Low maintenance pump is easy to install and service. Units are equipped with a valve to turn chemical draw on and off. Inline installation connections are 3/4″ hose barb or 3/4″ garden hose thread.

    Wetted materials of construction include :

    nylon 12 with reinforced fiberglass, polyethylene, viton, aflas, epdm, ceramic, 302 SS, hastelloy (check valve), and PTFE.





    • 10% to 25% more flow per click than competitive models.
    • Easily replaceable wear parts.
    • Extra lip seal piston kit included with each unit.
    • Higher operating range from 0,2 bar (2.9 PSI) to 8 bar (120 PSI).
    • All seals specifically designed to withstand harsh chemical additives.
    • Chemically resistant Nylo-Fiberglass body.
    • Hose barbs with swivel for easy installation.
    • 3/4” to 2” thread connection.
    • Injection from 1000:1 to 1:10 with dilution variance less than 10%.
    • Tip Kit for dilutions from 750:1 to 2000:1 No special model needed.
    • Flow rate from 20 l/h (0.09 gpm) to 25.000 l/h (110 gpm).
    • Temperature not lower than 4°C (39°F) and not higher than 50°C (122°F).
    • Manual or electric remote control injection On/Off.



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    Select a Pump

    All you need to do to select a MixRite dosing pump is to answer three questions :

    1. What is the water flow and pressure through the system ?
    2. What percentage of chemical do you want ?
    3. Is the chemical corrosive ?



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