Air Diaphragm Pumps Food Grade

    HI-CLEAN Air Diaphragm pumps
    Food Grade design (FD)


    HI-CLEAN food grade pumps are specially constructed for use in the food processing industry and are suitable for where pumping processes require FDA, 3A and EC1935/2005 compliant specification.

    Wetted materials are made of SS 316 Ra polish 3.2 μm (standard for food-grade applications). The HI-CLEAN pumps are standard executed with DIN 11851 (milk) or Tri-Clamp process connections.

    The centre section is available in Stainless Steel, Aluminium or PP. All materials in contact with the pumped medium are FDA compliant. Pumps executed with PTFE diaphragms are certified EC1935/2004.


    Efficient operation

    At the heart of the pump is the air valve. The valves are super responsive and fast-acting so all of the air is used to push the fluid with no waste – This makes them the most efficient on the market. The air valve reduces the total amount of air needed to move a set volume of fluid. The operating volume and vibration is also reduced, contributing to a better working environment..



    The pump range is CIP and SIP compatible and is specially designed to be disassembled with a simple clamp arrangement. The flanges are available in tri-clamp or DIN 11851 configuration for crevice-free connection. Selected units also feature a stand for 180 degree rotation for draining the pump. The design allows the strip, inspection and service in under 20 minutes.


    Fluids & Solids

    The HI-CLEAN range can deliver a flow rate of up to 568 l/min and up to 20,000 cPs. Models are available with ball vales or flapper types to permit solids of up to 63.5mmThe HI-CLEAN pumps are suitable for fluids include viscous pasta sauces and pastes, milk and dairy, beers, wines and juices as well as personal care products such as creams, gels and shampoo.

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